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Monica MENG

French of Sino-Cambodian origin, Monica Meng has been immersed since her childhood in Asian culture and traditions with a strong sensitivity to art, which she develops through her multiple trips to Asia. Initiated from an early age, she finds her first sources of inspiration in the world of traditional Feng Shui, whose principles she now applies on a daily basis, until she interprets them in her current artistic practice.

Originally, this ancestral Chinese science that has been transmitted for millennia, from generation to generation, is based on specific formulas and principles, to seek the best harmony of the energies of a place, linked to the 5 elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood)In this way, it can bring health, happiness, support, harmonious relations and prosperity to its inhabitants. It is therefore quite natural that Feng Shui has become his favorite theme, allowing him to harmonize his living and working spaces, balancing the energies with his paintings.


After a studious but traditional academic career, she became a marketing executive for large companies, always keeping an important part of art and creativity in parallel with her work. For several years she attended Beaux-Arts courses in Paris to improve her practice in contact with other artists. This need to create becomes so strong that she decides to give a new turn to her life by formalizing her passion! This is how "189 Art Gallery" was born in January 2021. Behind this identity lies the desire to reconcile contemporary art and traditional Feng Shui, with unique works created from carefully chosen materials and made in specific formats, in accordance with the principles of traditional Feng Shui.

Monica MENG
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Curious, self-taught and manual, I have always loved to experiment and test various artistic techniques, inspired by the wonders of Nature, to use them literally in my creations to best integrate, and in all subtlety, Matter and Form, and thus enhance the concepts and symbols Feng Shui on the web. My creations are thus composed of materials evoking the 5 elements, in order to be able to serve as «remedy» in the traditional Feng Shui.

After having long painted from figurative to acrylic painting, my artistic practice has gradually evolved towards abstract art and mixed techniques, because they are, in my opinion, the best way to express all his creativity and explore the infinite. My work involves awakening the senses. I often observe Nature, which is full of exceptional treasures. I like to feel, touch, feel Matter. Paper, wood, fabrics, leather, stones, plants... Each material is carefully selected and prepared as a real piece of silverware to be assembled in an original creation. Letting Matter express itself on the canvas always gives a unique and surprising rendering, by the interplay of colors and textures, recalling the vibrant and unpredictable side of life.

Through 189 Art Gallery, I want to contribute, at my level, to positively impact people’s lives through traditional Feng Shui. I take advantage of all the possibilities offered by contemporary art and mixed techniques to realize contemporary works that best integrate in our modern living places, to bring a better harmony, respecting the fundamentals of traditional Feng Shui. My philosophy is not to teach or revolutionize the practice of Feng Shui, but to share with the greatest number what this ancestral science has brought me benefits.

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